The image that comes to mind for Virgo’s year ahead is that of a writer finding that their own characters have come to life. It’s not that anything’s wrong with that, it’s that there’s an additional version of reality available this year that’s exciting, but you have to be ready for it.

CAREER: Virgos like to work. But this year, the work is to play. Practical Saturn and transformative Pluto, are both hanging out in Virgo’s 5th House of love, entertainment and children. It’s time to lighten up. Creative self-expression is the surest avenue to riches for Virgo this year. Go easy on the anxiety and heavy on the laughter. Two eclipses in Aquarius, in Virgo’s 6th House of work and service, makes the months of February, and then later, July and August, particularly intense and productive. Don’t follow the crowd this year; instead, follow your bliss.

MONEY: The heavy Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn energy makes a hard square to Virgo’s 2nd House of money, but they are both Earth Signs, so there’s a natural flow to the energy right now that benefits Virgo particularly. Your keynote this year is: Money comes from working smart, not hard. Uranus in your  8th House of investments and shared resources says it’s a year when anything can happen, financially and otherwise. Despite the economic anxiety, it’s time for Virgo to take a chance. A smart gamble may pay off now.

LOVE: You knew there was a catch. Neptune in Pisces, in its home sign and ensconced in Virgo’s 7th House of committed relationships, makes it hard to see the forest for the trees when it comes to romantic partnerships. Yet the whole year is about being open, so that love can find its way to your door. Be idealistic yet not blind when it comes to love; believe in it, because this year the spiritual essence of love can bring miracles to you. Just try not to be too much of a fool. The Venus Retrograde in October/November can bring a blast from your loving past.

HOME: Virgo’s 4th House of the home and family, associated with the sign Sagittarius, is largely unoccupied until early November. That’s when lucky Jupiter bolts into Sadge and gets the party started. Until then, it’s a matter of using the domicile for quieting purposes. A domestic retreat center is a good thing this year, because you can bring the creative spirit back home with you. Save a place for study and for meditation, too.

HEALTH: Those eclipses in Aquarius in January and July ignite Virgo’s health sector (6th House), and what seemed settled may be quite changeable. This looks like a year to hang with like-minded individuals when it comes to food, diet or a health regimen. Don’t be surprised if a quirky bubble of trouble comes up to be dealt with, but it doesn’t look life-threatening. Steady as she goes is the keynote for your health this year.