The image that comes to mind for Taurus this year is that of a hiker with new shoes that enable you to go a longer distance than ever before. With a companion. And lots of food. Things are easier this year than in times past, and you realize that maybe it just wasn’t right until now.

CAREER: With disciplined Saturn joining powerful Pluto in Capricorn (another Earth Sign like you) and electrifying Uranus entering your own sign in May, Taureans are feeling their oats this year. Achievements can come quickly. But the familiar is not where you need to be. This is a year to take chances, to shake up the usual, to make the goal something beyond your comfort zone. Especially in August, when Saturn trines Uranus, whatever you put your hand to can manifest quickly. Just don’t get caught in someone else’s rut.

MONEY: Taurus generally rules the 2nd House of money, so financial security is always important to Bulls. This year, Jupiter, the giver of abundance, is swiftly moving through Scorpio, in Taurus’s 7th House of partners. So this is a year where business partnerships can pay big dividends…literally. Contracts are favored and a certain amount of idealism needs to be in the mix, as Neptune is favorably situated in Taurus’s 11th House of hopes and goals. But that Neptune in Pisces also says to make sure your social circle is honest as well as ambitious.

LOVE: It doesn’t get any better than when Jupiter, the Abundant One, is transiting your 7th House of one-on-one relationships, in Scorpio, the sign of sex. As a sensualist yourself, you might feel like a duck in water this year. And don’t be surprised if a former love resurfaces during the Venus Retrograde in October and November. A compatible partner (or more than one) is a real possibility now. But with Uranus moving into Taurus May through November, personal freedom issues also come up. So don’t crowd each other and it will all work out.

HOME: Taurus is a known couch-potato, but the energy this year just may move you off that couch. With the North Node of the Moon (the life destiny point) transiting through Leo until November, this is a year to make fresh that which has become stale when it comes to home life,  security issues, and physical/emotional nurturance. The energy even favors a move to a new place of residence if other things are in place in your life.

HEALTH: The key this year is to keep moving, whether that means physical exercise or in terms of self-image. With Saturn and Pluto in Taurus’s 9th House of adventure, this year is one where travel could be very fulfilling. With a partner, even better. But Uranus in your 1st House of personality and appearance says to shake it up and drink new nectar this year. Fresh is good. Sweets, which we know you like, not so much. Because this year, balance is the key for you.