The image that comes to mind when I think of Scorpio’s year ahead is that of a sultry nightclub singer on an illuminated stage. The more you sing, the bigger the crowd gets, until the club has to bar anyone else from entering. 2018 can be that kind of year…provided you sing your best.

CAREER: Jupiter, giver of abundance, occupies your sign, lending an additional dose of good fortune to your personal charms. As it expands the energy in your 1st House of self-image, the natural mystique of Scorpio wafts widely, intriguing those around you. Saturn, lord of work, and Pluto, Scorpio’s powerful ruler, are both in the business-minded sign of Capricorn, in Scorpio’s 3rd House. Communication regarding business matters is emphasized this year. Talk is serious, not given to frivolities. Two eclipses in Leo, in Scorpio’s 10th House of career and status, bring more firepower to the mix. Pay attention, there’s achievement ahead.

MONEY: Late in the year, beneficent Jupiter bounces into Sagittarius, and thus into Scorpio’s 2nd house of money. But even before then, there are harmonious synergies transpiring. In May, unpredictable Uranus moves into Taurus, sign of personal wealth, before returning in November to Scorpio’s 5th House of employment and service. Coupled with the eclipses in Leo at the top of the chart, 2018 can bring quite a bit of financial well being…if care is taken to focus on accumulation and not being a spendthrift.

LOVE: No one needs to tell Scorpio how to love: there is a natural capacity for deep and intense focus in the areas of sex and love. This year should see more of all that, based on a broadening of your personal charisma. Scorpios often bury their real feelings (because they’re so intense), but this is the year to express them. Fantasy-driven Neptune occupies Scorpio’s 5th House of playtime, so you can imagine just how playful 2018 can get, and in what ways. Take care under the Venus and Mars retrogrades: Mars rules your sign, and late June through August can be conflictual. And watch who pops up in your life again under the autumnal Venus Retrograde.

HOME: This year two big eclipses in Aquarius light up Scorpio’s 4th House of home and family, which emphasizes the fact that new emotional foundations are being poured. A possible move is also indicated by that, the more so because another one occurs in Cancer, in Scorpio’s 9th House of long-distance travel. So this is a year to stretch the wings, not brood in a corner at home.

HEALTH: With Jupiter’s expansive jollity in your sign, and with chaotic Uranus still in the 6th House of health routines until May, and again late in the year, 2018 could feel like one long battle of the bulge. But it doesn’t have to be so. Scorpio has a natural tendency toward privacy. This year simply keep your mouth closed, or at least be careful about what goes in, and goes out.