The image that comes to mind for Sagittarius’s year ahead is that of person passing through a lobby of an ornate modern building with several revolving doors. You eventually make it to the outside and are greatly relieved, but not without having spent some time going around in circles.

CAREER: With practical Saturn and transformative Pluto occupying Sadge’s 2nd House of money and possessions, an emphasis on working hard and handling finances permeates the atmosphere around you this year. 2018 is a year of making money, but having to put in time and effort to reach desired goals. When chaotic Uranus moves into Taurus in May, it will occupy Sadge’s 6th House of service and employment. It stays there until November, then returns for its final few months in Aries, inhabiting Sage’s 5th House of pleasure. So, few things are easy this year, but you’re not being tortured too much, either.

MONEY: Those get-down-to-it bad boys, Saturn and Pluto, throw a lot of energy toward your native 2nd House of money. That’s not so bad, because the rewards this year from staying focused on the “green energy” can be quite phenomenal. Two eclipses in Leo (another Fire Sign, very active and enthusiastic) illuminate your 9th House of higher education and long- distance travel. I see at least a great vacation, but more likely simply a need to replenish your spirit, here or abroad, because it’s a successful but effort-filled year.

LOVE: Electrifying Uranus, which turns direct on January 2, moves through late Aries until May, illuminating Sadge’s 5th House of love, pleasure and creativity. It returns from the more sedate Taurus and for the last two months, comes back to the party. So it’s an unpredictable time this year (again) with regards to the love life of Sagittarius…who likes to look to the next horizon without seeing what’s right in front of them. This year, it looks like what’s in front of Sagittarius is a lot of work, but also some deeply satisfying play.

HOME: The 4th House of home and family is occupied this year, and until 2025, with the creative and spiritual energy of Neptune in its home sign of Pisces. This is a highly motivating faith-builder, often because things dissolve under a Neptune transit and faith is needed to re-establish solidity. When Jupiter in Scorpio, in Sadge’s 12th House of solitude, makes a nice flowing trine to Neptune in Pisces (particularly in August), a barbeque or soiree is in order. Home life and emotional stability this year come from having a creative spirit.

HEALTH: Fire Signs have natural exuberance, and this year Sagittarius’s get-up-and-go will be tested, but not destroyed. Uranus entering Taurus, ruling Sadge’s 6th House of health regimens, can mean an up-or-down energy pattern from May until November. But it’s also a sign to innovate regarding health matters. Diet can play a big part this year in terms of wellness, and there are no real energy stoppages for outdoorsy Sadge.