The image that comes to mind for Pisces this year is that of a patron sitting down to a nice meal in a restaurant and finding that he’s at a table up front, the waitress appears to be flirting with him,, and that the meal is less expensive than originally thought. But the food’s a little tough.

CAREER: Pisces’ ideal career is being either a real-life unicorn or mystic on a mountaintop. Often the real world plays little part in Pisces’ temperament or lifestyle. But pragmatic Saturn and ruthless Pluto are both currently ensconced in earthy Capricorn, which rules Pisces’ 11th House of community/social circle. So unicorn-playing is out this year, although we can’t speak for your friends. Instead, 2018 is a test of you manifesting your own ideals, and how much your friends can contribute to your success. And this year, it requires something of a group effort.

MONEY: With chaotic Uranus, planet of the unexpected, occupying Pisces’ 2nd House of money, it’s an anything-can-happen time financially.  Then in May, Uranus moves into Taurus, Pisces’ 3rd House of communication, spending six months there before backtracking into Aries in November. This gives 2018 a push/pull feel when it comes to Pisces’ personal finances. Two eclipses–a Lunar Eclipse in January, a Solar Eclipse in July–occur in Leo, in Pisces 6th House of work. Many lucky breaks occur, but the rewards may or may not live up to the billing. It’s a year to be flexible.

LOVE: This is a year where love can come knocking perhaps unexpectedly, with laughter in its voice and hope upon its face. This is because it may or may not be real. But Pisces, you may well have the opportunity to find out. This may especially be the case in October and November, when Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio, sign of sex and passion. It joins lucky Jupiter there, in another Water Sign. This promotes passion and devotion. At the very least, 2018 will offer you the chance to feel a delight perhaps not felt for years.

HOME: When Uranus moves into Taurus in May, it joins Saturn and Pluto as three major planets in Earth Signs. This is an indication of domestic stability for Pisces, and a needed counter- balance to Pisces’ otherworldliness. No eclipses occur in Gemini, which rules Pisces’ 4th House of home and family. So even with some of the other drama in your life, odds are that it will be calm on the domestic front this year.

HEALTH: Neptune, Pisces’ ruling planet, is strongly situated in the middle degrees of its home Water Sign, and represents Pisces’ ideal self-image. Pisces is often subject to fluid issues and a weakened physical body. But this year, Pisces’ good health is strongly supported by emotionally expansive Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn, lord of practicality, in Capricorn. All that’s necessary this year is to not forget that you actually inhabit a body that needs upkeep. Workouts work.