The image that comes to mind for Libra this year is a person looking at an open gate and wondering–needlessly–whether or not to walk through. This is all mental. The way is clear, but it’s the motivation, and the actions following, that will help one discover what’s beyond the gate.

CAREER: With volatile Uranus in Aries, in Libra’s 7th House of partnerships, and practical Saturn coupled with transformative Pluto in Capricorn in your 4th House of personal foundations, it’s an “expect anything” sort of year. Plus, a big Solar Eclipse in Cancer, come early July, blitzes the 10th House of career and status.. Energy is moving, so it’s best if you move with it. The real question is: What do you want, and what would you give for it? If you would give everything to achieve your dream, then this is your year to get it..

MONEY: Jupiter, the cosmic Santa Claus, is now in Scorpio, flying through Libra’s 2nd House of money and values. Couple this with Saturn and Pluto inhabiting the 4th House of home and family and 2018 for Libra is about bringing the dream home to stay. Dreamy Neptune’s in the 6th House of employment and everyday life, which means creative or spiritual work also pays dividends–maybe literally. Anything-can-happen Uranus moves in May from Aries to Taurus, shifting into Libra’s 8th House of money-through-others. Stay focused and open your palm for the money to drop in.

LOVE: Money can’t buy me love, but it can rent it for a while. The Solar Eclipse in February and the Lunar Eclipse in July both fall in Aquarius, ruler of Libra’s 5th House of love and pleasure. It looks like a nice rental is coming. Anything-goes Uranus moving from the 7th House of commitment to the 8th House of sex and transformation gives an additional jolt of excitement to Libra’s year. You could also re-open a can of worms in October-November, as the Venus Retrograde tends to bring back old lovers. This year, Libra’s love life will not be dull.

HOME: Libra’s 4th house has the heavy Saturn-Pluto combo in it this year, which is actually good for working out of the home, but it might take a toll on family life if you’re not careful. This  energy tends toward exhaustion and obsession, so taking a break looks like a necessity. The upside is that the focus on the home life can plant more stability if you need it. Buying or selling a home is a real prospect this year.

HEALTH: Neptune in the 6th House can indicate delicate health. But practicing yoga, and breathing exercises contributes toward a steady energy. Neptune has a tendency for empathic attunement, and either a job in the spiritual or creative field, or even the healthcare or medical field is possible, or a trip to the doctor to deal with lack of energy. Do yoga, skip the doc. This year the energy says to work out your own issues.