The image that comes to mind for Leo this year is a blazing fire eating up a lot of forest, until it is forced to change direction because of firefighting techniques and a change in the winds. You may not be totally quenched, but circumstances require a shift even as you claim success.

CAREER: The Leonine Lunar Eclipse in late January sets off a phase of emotional sensitivity even though you don’t normally feel like contemplating your navel. You feel you are making progress in your life, but what about your highest ideals? Should you change to another line of work? Well, the transiting North Node moving through backwards through Leo says that fresh is good. A big Solar Eclipse in August, smack in the middle of Leo, is like a fastball right down the pipe, so try to maximize the great opportunities this year. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn make faces at you and want you to focus, rather than simply smile for the cameras.

MONEY:  It’s all about self-image this year, and how you appear to yourself, as well as to others, determines your financial well-being in 2018. With workaholic Saturn and intense Pluto in your 6th House of work and service, this year is one of finding that consistency pays off. The financial winds are a bit blustery this year, so it’s about claiming what’s yours and not letting discord blow you off your path.

LEO: You like to play, but this year you have to work, and this carries over into your love life as well. Love for you in 2018 is the equivalent of the dessert you have to eat your veggies for–you may want it right away, and opportunities may abound to have it, but something requires more of your time than you would like. So pick your objects of affection carefully. From May, when disruptive Uranus moves into Taurus and makes a hard square to Leo, until November, when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, it’s hit-or-miss; but compared to most, it’s a very smooth ride.

HOME: Jupiter in Scorpio makes your 4th House of the home and family an expansive proposition this year. You could move into a larger place or find that your desires for stability require a larger canvas. In a year where the winds of fate could blow you around, a great foundation helps stabilize your life. Add on if you don’t move, or re-decorate. Hold soirees even if your place is small. And save a little space to be sexy. It’s Scorpio energy, after all.

HEALTH: With Saturn and Pluto in your 6th House, the place of health, 2018 says it’s either the gym or the insane asylum. In short, your energy needs to go somewhere this year, so direct it into healthful activities. Generally, it’s a somewhat heavy focus on necessity, so make sure that your diet and health routine is in order. It will help everything else in your life.