The image that comes to mind for Gemini in 2018 is that of a car driver solving a mechanical issue by observation and intuition. This year the energy requires adjusting one’s views and trying different approaches until the right one works. Be assured, though, that things will work.

CAREER: With no-nonsense Saturn joining regenerating Pluto in Capricorn, in Gemini’s natural 8th House of transformation, this is a year where change is inevitable. The only question is whether the change is soft or hard. And with sometimes-confusing Neptune moving through mid-Pisces in Gemini’s 10th House of career direction, 2018 could have a number of twists and turns before it’s over. Neptune also says it’s time to pay attention to your intuition. The one sure thing this year is that the road ahead curves. If a situation comes to an end, don’t try to go back, because life always moves ahead–even when we don’t know what’s coming up next.

MONEY: With that work-work-work Capricorn energy in Gemini’s 8th House of investments and shared resources (not to mention death and taxes), this is a year where money may arrive through partnerships. Jupiter in Scorpio, Gemini’s 6th House of employment, also portends good things, as long as you take time out to breathe. The big Solar Eclipse in July, at 20 degrees Cancer, falls in Gemini’s natural 2nd House of money, so the second half of the year has a more prosperous tone to it. Stick with what works, no matter how weird it may seem.

LOVE: With expansive Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of sex, moving through Gemini’s 6th House of work, health and service, it’s possible that you may find love at the gym, in the confines of the office, or in the health food store. In any case, if it’s going to show up, it’s in your everyday life, not somewhere exotically far away. During the Venus Retrograde in October/November, some past passion may re-introduce him/herself to you. Sometimes the circle needs completion.

HOME: If you work from home, that may be the best use of the energy this year. If not, creating a quiet place specifically for study may also work out well. 2018 demands a light-on-your feet approach that says what you want may not always be what you need, and regarding your home life, that means to resist feathering the nest too much. In the midst of change, those feathers can become a burden. So use your home mostly as a retreat this year.

HEALTH: Jupiter in the 6th says it’s workout time, lest expansion take place around the waist as well as the bank account. This is one of the best years in a while for Gemini in terms of aspects for general good health. Still, Saturn and Pluto in the 8th House of surgery says to not be in position where you need such a procedure. This is a busy year: take vitamins, do yoga, and relax. You’ll be fine.