The image that comes to mind for Cancer’s year ahead is watching the Full Moon rise through the branches, with a planet-gazing partner who is also checking their watch. 2018 promises wonderfully close encounters, but once people are in your life, then you have to deal with them.

CAREER: With practical Saturn and power-mongering Pluto both in your opposite sign (Capricorn) and situated in your 7th House of one-on-one encounters, you’d better make sure of yourself before you sign any papers this year. Contracts count for much for 2018, as well as cooperation with those who can benefit you. Meetings with intense humans is inevitable this year, as well as some possible turbulence in your professional status. (Chaos-rife Uranus in the 10th house of recognition.) Quick changes look likely, so use the non-status quo energy to your advantage.


MONEY: A Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo shines a light on Cancer’s 2nd House of money at the end of January, and it links up with a big Solar Eclipse at 18 Leo in August. What with the transiting North Node, or life destiny point, moving slowly backwards through Leo as well this year, it’s time for some new recipes regarding how to make hay with your finances. So think in new terms this year about breadwinning, because it’s a year of real opportunity for you. A more individualistic approach works.

LOVE: Jupiter in sexy Scorpio, in your 5th House of love affairs and playfulness, means that 2018 is just made for heart-opening experiences for Cancer! BUT (there’s always a but),those two heavyweights, Saturn and Pluto, are inhabiting your 7th House of marriage/commitment, which can make lightheartedness a little hard to find this year. Some complications may arise during the Venus Retrograde in October/November. But Neptune is holding aloft a shimmering spiritual light in your 9th House, so keep the faith and everything will tend to work out.

HOME: Cancer loves family, and being home-based, but 2018 says that you might not see much of it this year. Basically, it’s a busy time, and commitments take up a lot of your energy, so take advantage of your down-time while you can. Jupiter in the 5th speaks of playtime, with yourself or with children, so maketime for recess. This year is more about self-sustenance than anything else, so don’t expect too much from others around the house. Beautify your environs.

HEALTH: This is a year to watch your food intake carefully. With the eclipses in Leo in your 2nd House of sustenance, and a big Solar Eclipse in your own sign in July, make sure that stress don’t screw up your diet. For that matter, the focus on personal or professional partnership this year can be very helpful if cooperative energy is dominant. Reach out and pick others’ brains, because this year, what works for another, healthwise, might work for you. A synergistic feel to the year says that the more you share, the better.