The image that comes to mind for Aries in 2018 is that of an airplane taking off on a short runway through swirling winds. There’s a lot of excitement and potential for achievement, but it’s not exactly an easy ride.

CAREER: Mr. Pluto, lord of transformation, sits in mid-Capricorn, in Aries’ 10th House of status, career direction, and dealings with authorities. Coupled with serious-minded Saturn having also recently entered its home sign of Capricorn, this is the year you can make great strides toward goals you may have previously thought were out of reach. Take yourself seriously now, and don’t let disruptive Uranus, turning direct in Aries early in the year, take you off your game.

MONEY: While Uranus is in Aries, anything is possible for you–swift gains as well as losses. Things tend to happen quickly with Uranus, but until May it’s more about keeping yourself and your situation together. When Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, it goes into Aries’ 2nd House of money and values. This is one of those take-a-chance energies that pays off if you’re smart, but backfires if you’re not. So, know what you’re getting into. Lucky Jupiter in Scorpio expands your work potential. Keynote financially this year is: Rely on yourself, not others.

LOVE: Here one day, gone the next, says sudden change-agent Uranus in Aries. Upsets, disruptions, but great excitement and unusual passions have filled your life for the last five years. In May, when Uranus enters Taurus, it’s time for a break from the drama. Sensuality, artistry and maybe love go hand-in-hand from then until November. This is a slow-it-down year that can be sexually fulfilling and aesthetically pleasing if you can get out from under the need for constant inconstancy. Take care of your body this year; relax more and enjoy. And don’t be surprised if someone you were once fond of returns under the Venus Retrograde in the autumn.

HOME: The planetary emphasis in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Scorpio, makes for a more ambitious year for Aries, but not necessarily a sedate one at home. Truth: There’s a danger in you overworking yourself if you aren’t careful. So 2018 should be a year to consciously create a sanctuary for yourself at home, where you can retreat from the rigors of everyday life. Meditation, candles and quiet times are not only serene but perhaps necessary now.

HEALTH: With who-knows-what-to-expect-next Uranus in Aries’ 1st House until May, and again late in the year, it’s still a time to unplug your high-wired nervous system if you can. Yogic breathing (pranayama) can aid in this. Jupiter creates an expansive, harmonious flow in the 6th House of health, so unless you do the Aries thing of running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off, the energy does not pose a challenge to your health. Help it along by relaxing. Creative/mystical Neptune calls to you from your 12th House of Spirit. Answer the call.