The image that comes to mind for Aquarius in 2018 is a person who hears voices while walking through a house, and isn’t sure where they’re coming from. The voices may be confusing at first, but listening closely guides you to the right room, where you hear just what you needed to hear.

CAREER: Workaholic Saturn and transforming Pluto are both parked this year in Capricorn, in Aquarius’ 12th House of solitude and secrets. Time spent alone this year is valuable. This area also rules inner bliss as well as loss, because when you aren’t focused on unnecessary things, contentment is easier to achieve. 2018 provides opportunities to show how completing past projects and listening closely to your inner voice pays off in a tangible way. Lucky Jupiter streaking through Aquarius’ 10th House of career and reputation says to think bigger now.

MONEY: With Neptune, the creative/spiritual energy that dissolves worldly structures, currently situated in Aquarius’ 2nd House of money and values, it would seem that confusion may reign this year as to what exactly you want to accumulate. If it’s non-tangible things like knowledge or creative skill, then this is your year. 2018 is about becoming a creative/spiritual powerhouse,  pulling toward yourself money and abundance by virtue of your own energy and right use of your will.

LOVE: There may be lots of astonished gasps this year when it comes to love, some of them even coming from yourself. The eclipses patterns in 2018 are in your wheelhouse: those in Aquarius electrify your sense of self, and those in Leo spark off your 7th House of partnership. So a better sense of self nets big rewards in matters of the heart. During the Venus Retrograde in October/November, someone from the past may make a not-unwelcome reappearance.

HOME: One of the lovely surprises that Uranus may have in store for you this year is a shake-up on the domestic front. This is most likely when Uranus storms, as is its wont, into sedate Taurus come May, staying until early November, when it backtracks into Aries. Taurus represents Aquarius’ 4th House of the home and family, so much of this year has a somewhat chaotic energy to it when it comes to personal foundations. Upsetting events may force changes; or it could present opportunities for something Uranian, i.e., new, fresh and exciting. So same old, same old may not work this year.

HEALTH: With the Solar Eclipse in February and the Lunar Eclipse in July being in Aquarius, a health regimen is particularly important for your well being this year. Your physical appearance is integral to your life this year, so if there were ever a time to focus on self-image, 2018 is it. A big Solar Eclipse in Cancer, which rules Aquarius’ 6th House of health, occurs in early July. So it’s workout time for you this year, with both physical and emotional rewards coming from a sincere effort on your part.