RA RISHIKAVI RAGHUDAS has been a professional astrologer for over 35 years. He has a broad metaphysical background, is an ordained Unity and Diversity interfaith minister, and has taught and lectured in diverse fields for many years. Born in Detroit, Michigan as a Sun-sign Libra with Gemini Rising and a Pisces Moon, Ra now lives in Los Angeles, California.

His clients include many prominent figures in the entertainment and business communities.

His insights are unique because he is well-versed in both metaphysical and practical matters. Ra is a sought-after speaker at major astrology conferences because of his dramatic and humorous speaking style. He lectures regularly for the National Council for Geo-Cosmic Research (NCGR) in various locations, and teaches for the Marion March Memorial Master Class in Astrology in Los Angeles. He has articles in noted astrology magazines, including having the October, 2016 cover article for Dell Horoscope.

Ra is also at work on three forthcoming books combining show business and astrology: “STARS & STARS: Learning Astrology at the Movies;” THE ASTROLOGY OF BOND — JAMES BOND;” and ‘ASTRO OSCARS: Astrology Meets the Academy Awards.”

Every year, Ra predicts the Oscar winners purely through astrology, and his accuracy rate is very high. An author, noted poet and screenwriter/producer himself, Ra has two of his own films currently in pre-production. A longtime student of the renowned Yoga Master, Swami Satchidananda, Ra is an Integral Yoga teacher, Tantra instructor and Reiki practitioner. With a broad metaphysical background and a grounding in how to apply cosmic insights to everyday life, Ra’s consultations are full of wisdom and earthly practicality