The image that comes to mind for Capricorn this year is a marathon runner being cheered on by only a few people–but one of them is Mom. In 2018, people may not fully appreciate you for the ultra-serious note you bring to various proceedings–but if you have perspective, it won’t matter, and your numerous achievements will stand out even more.

CAREER: Your ruling planet, Saturn, recently moved into its home sign–yours, Capricorn– where it joins powerful Pluto in shaping up the infrastructure of our lives even as it breaks down that which needs to be rebuilt. That’s a totally ambitious program, but for the next two-and-a-half years, that’s the deal. In 2018, your vision knows no limit, which is appropriate as Saturn makes a lovely trine to visionary Uranus in Taurus for much of the year. This helps you break free of financial and structural confines in your life, without a lot of drama. One foot after another this year nets you much higher status if you see your plans through.

MONEY: Two big eclipses in Aquarius, a Solar Eclipse in February and a Lunar Eclipse in July, both situated in Capricorn’s 2nd house of money, say that this year could be a big one in terms of financial shifts. Saturn in Capricorn is not about to settle, either, so it’s an aspirational year. Jupiter, planet of abundance, is moving swiftly through Scorpio, in Capricorn’s 11th House of community and social circle. In 2018, you could see your circle enlarged–to your financial benefit. In other words: this year, it’s who you know.

LOVE: Just because frivolity doesn’t come easily to you doesn’t mean you have to be isolated. Neptune in Pisces lends a little fantasy life to your 3rd House of thinking and communications, and it makes a harmonious angle to lucky Jupiter in the 11th House of going out on the town, so it’s time to act in unusual ways. The Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, come October/November, may bring back a forgotten friend and/or lover. Don’t be dull!

HOME: With volatile Uranus in Aries serving up plot twists in your 4th House of the home and family, it’s tempting to see this as just more drama you want to stay away from by working more. But this is actually a wake-up call–your personal foundations can be made new, fresh and exciting this year. A new home? A sudden move due to unexpected events? Both are possible. From May through November, Uranus’s move to early Taurus makes you feel more at ease.

HEALTH: the only stressor in Capricorn’s life is usually work, and 2018 is particularly good for focus on said activity. But with Saturn and Pluto and now (come May), Uranus in Earth Signs, you can put yourself in tip-top shape simply by imbibing as much Nature as possible. Go outside. Hands-on activity like hiking, massage and swimming work wonders this year. Invite a friend and be sociable. It’s that kind of year.